Parent Organization: Campus Recreation

The College at BROCKPORT club sports program is open to all Brockport students regardless of previous experience or skill level. All clubs are student organized clubs that operate under the guidance of Campus Recreation. Funding for the program is provided by the Brockport Student Government. Additional funding is provided by club members to assist with travel and other expenses.

Interested in participating in a Club Sport? Follow the steps below to fill out a form.

Students interested in joining a Club Sport will now go through Do Sports Easy to submit a request.  The page to sign up can be found on the Campus Recreation website or by going to https://www.dosportseasy.com/brockportclubsports/.  

Follow the directions below to fill out a participation form:

1. Login using your Brockport credentials.  The login button will be in the top left corner.

2. Select the club wishing to join.

3. Complete the full packet to the end.  

4. If the student wants to join a 2nd club, please repeat the process.  After filling the form out once, the system will remember your previous form and will have the majority of the form completed for you.

5. Once the form is completed.  The student will be listed in the Club Members section.  You are not fully approved until you receive 1 green check next to your name.


Clubs that are traveling will need to submit forms through Do Sports Easy

Follow the directions below to fill out a travel form:

1. Login using your Brockport credentials.  

2. Select your club.

3. Click on the 'Event Center' button in the top right.

4. Click on the 'Add New Event' button in the top left.

5. Complete the event form.

6. Once event is created, the event will show up in the 'Event Center'.

7. In the 'Event Center', click 'Submit' under the 'Lineup/Travel' tab.

8. Complete the travel request form.

9. After returning from the event.  Return to the 'Event Center' to submit a 'Report'.  You can submit as many reports as needed!